Who We Are

We are called to spread the good news about Jesus Christ by denying ourselves and serving our neighbors.

      We are a community that wants to make a difference in the world by sharing the good news about Jesus with both Christians and non-Christians. By showing genuine love and compassion for our neighbors, and practicing what we preach in our own lives, we hope that both people who are already in a relationship with God and people who are not will be able to get to know God better.

How We Live

Compassion - We believe that every single person in the world deserves to be treated with respect, listened to, and loved regardless of their age, gender, political affiliation, religious preference, ethnicity, or socio-economic standing.

Respect - Our conversations, both significant and insignificant, will be defined by mutual respect.  We will listen to, learn from, and value one another even when we don’t agree.  We cherish a community that is diverse, yet focused on imitating Jesus as our common priority.


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What We Believe

About God – We believe that God made the world. Motivated by loyalty and love, God has acted in human history for the purpose of repairing the world and human society. God, who is the “Parent” of everyone, has continued that work through a special son named Jesus, whose character is identical with God’s own character. Furthermore, God has poured out God’s very own Spirit on humankind in order to transform our hearts and our ways of life.

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Where You Fit

So where do I fit into all this?
  You can join us in worship, or join us in serving others. The great thing about the church is that there are lots of different ways you can participate; it’s as easy as showing up and joining in. You can learn more about what we believe and how we live, as well as checking out some sermons and Bible class materials that should let you know what we’re all about here at Heritage.

Welcome to Heritage Church of Christ!


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